Starshine Kids (SSK) develops and markets unique children’s plush toys which are intended to comfort children and help them overcome their night time fear of the darkness. The plush toys feature a remote star-shaped night light that can be turned on and off by children as they lie in bed.


The venture will target (the parent’s of) approximately 15 million children who fall in a 5 to 8 year-old demographic. These are the children who are most troubled by the dark.


The “Kids” will be mass-marketed thru major retailers – Toys-R-Us, Target, Wal-Mart – for $34.95 as well as on the StarShine Kids website also for $34.95. The toys will also be sold through specialty retailers, which cater to children such as eToys, and similar eretailers.

Importantly, StarShine will vigorously support its product line with an aggressive marketing program including offline Advertising and Public Relations initiatives as well as online SEO, Keyword, Social Networking and Viral Marketing strategies.

The StarShine management team includes successful executives with significant credentials in “kids”, mass-market and toys.

For investment information please send us an email to:



For investment information please send us an email to:


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