Starshine Kids, Inc. began with Thelma Peta’s vision to give kids a way to empower themselves through play. As a child, Thelma was afraid of the dark, and as an aunt to nine nieces and nephews, she’s seen firsthand how common a fear of the dark is. She wanted to create a toy that would help children in overcoming fears by giving them a security object and a sense of control over their environment.

Thelma says, “Children are sensitive to intense emotions at night, which is when they most need tranquility for a good night of sleep. The Starshine Kids dolls help to facilitate a restful, peaceful calm at bedtime and throughout the night.”


Starshine Kids, Inc – a Toy Company
Starshine Kids, Inc. is poised for leadership in the market for children’s toys. Our products are designed to enhance a child’s sense of security, independence and self-empowerment through discovery and exploration. Starshine Kids’ broader vision includes storybooks, television, movies, licensed products, internet games and apps. A variety of toys and other popular mediums in keeping with Starshine Kids’ vision are currently in development.


The first product line to be released is the Starshine Kids dolls. The line of plush dolls was created to give children control of their surroundings at bedtime. The unique dolls come with a separate, freestanding remote-activated LED nightlight in the shape of a fun star.


When the doll’s hand is pressed, it sends a wireless signal that lights the star for five minutes before it gently dims and turns off.

The star can be placed on a nearby nightstand or anywhere in the room up to twenty feet away. The star acts as a nightlight, which allows visibility in the child’s bedroom and provides a sense of security if a child wakes from a bad dream.


The Star will gradually dim to off after seven minutes.

The freestanding LED Star is cool to the touch and provides about six feet of light. Kids can carry it around like a flashlight on trips to the bathroom or to get a glass of water. Each doll is a different fun, quirky character that a child can identify with.

A Starshine Kids doll allows a child to be in control of their environment at bedtime. This gives peace of mind to parents and contributes to a restful, peaceful bedtime for all. Children want the dolls because they are fun; parents love the dolls because they empower their child, and everybody wins with a peaceful night’s sleep.




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